Mercury Uncovered

by Mercury Uncovered

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released December 20, 2016



all rights reserved


Mercury Uncovered Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: Scars
I wish I could peel off the scars
but it will make the bigger scars
Track Name: Swell
what is wrong? nothing is.
we live on our own shame
voiding our livers and tongues
we can't veil the shimmering pain
then I drown in your warmth
protect me from the grass
protect me from the stars
protect me from the trees
protect me.
protect me.
Track Name: Are We In Colors?
we sat there
shaky hands, wandering eyes
side effects of withdrawal
are we in colors or are we in grey?
all the dark and blue perish
you lived light and red
I chose black and white
can we still be us?
you were here
please stay next to me
intimacy, dependency
are we in colors or are we in grey?
Track Name: Emptiness
been alone watching people dying
they told me not to say farewell
been sitting here for days and nights
my body is cold but I can't get away
you used to walk with me for awhile
I remember the phrase that you said
you told me things i've never heard
but one day you just left me
yet by calling full I created emptiness
been silent watching wolves growling
they told me not to wish them luck
been sitting here for days and nights
my body is cold but I can't get away
you used to take me to the darkest places
I remember your face at the moment
you showed me things i've never seen
but one day you just left me
where are you? where'd you go?
you left me darkness and I created emptiness.
Track Name: Dreamspace
you said i'll understand when I grow up as old as you
but mom you gotta know that I am not form where you're from
you raised me under the flowers
but I strayed and now I stink like a dumpster
I put up with things that you will never comprehend
I march in the front line of the black wave
you said you saw a kid like me on the TV news
mom this isn't a dream
but it's okay if you consider this as a dream
i'm only telling you this isn't the worst nightmare
Track Name: Practice
lives shatter and wither
but you can count on me
as long as we dance to the noise.
confusion, but comfort
dive into the haze with me.
Track Name: Last
last collapse
heart's out of sand
last collapse
so what's the point?
so please hold me tight
for the very last time
last embrace, with a step back
last embrace within the trace.
Track Name: Desperation
dusty nails, racing hearts
never hesistant
we crash the cement
lungs bleed with smoke in my eyes
relapsing acids within my stomach
my words shiver, but the world stands still
where should we be within the aching will?
desperation, desperation, desperation
desperation lives up in the air
rusty teeth, raging pulse
never resistant, we clash the descent.
Track Name: Retrograde
walk into the shadow, you're gone
wander through the forest, i'm lost
hazing of the stars
we're nothing, we're everything
beady eyes on the vague cloud pressing me
we see everything, they say everything
the little bird on the verge, chattering void
they see nothing, they say nothing
dogs on DMT they fake death
childs on Ritalin, they fake like
stars shine in the dawn
are they watching us?
Track Name: The Star
(this is the new beginning)